Meet the team behind Riviera Automotive


Luca Sales - Riviera Automotive



Luca, a seasoned car salesman from Ireland, began his career selling toy cars to his classmates before graduating to the real deal.

In his free time, Luca prefers to trade the cooler skies of Cleckheaton for hotter, sunnier climes, where he can be found sporting SPF 50.

Daily Driver: Porsche Cayman GT4

Dream Car: Porsche 992 GT3 RS

Billy Sales - Riviera Automotive



Billy, a local lad who has grown up around Riviera Automotive, has worked his way from Valeting to Transport to Sales. When not on the phone to customers, Billy loves nothing more than relaxing with his young family.

Daily Driver: Audi A3

Dream Car: Lamborghini Huracan

Customer Support & Accounts

Khya Front Of House 3 - Riviera Automotive



Khya, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative, serves as the first point of contact for all our clients. She is a local girl with a passion for cars, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

In her free time, Khya enjoys cheering on Leeds United or spending time with her loved ones.

Daily Driver: N/A

Dream Car: Audi RS6

Ellie Customer Services - Riviera Automotive


Customer Services

Ellie is our knowledgeable and dedicated Customer Service Representative at Riviera Automotive. Ellie is committed to providing exceptional aftercare and ensuring a positive customer experience.

In her personal time, Ellie enjoys an active lifestyle that includes gym workouts. She also cherishes spending quality time with her family.

Daily Driver: Corsa

Dream Car: Jeep Wrangler

Sarah Admin Logistics1 - Riviera Automotive



Sarah, our efficient and organised office administrator, ensures the smooth operation of our business by handling all administrative tasks and managing our drivers.
In her spare time, she enjoys knit craft and baking.

Daily Driver: Ford Fusion

Dream Car: Anything reliable and practical!

Anna Accounts1 - Riviera Automotive



Anna, our experienced and dedicated accountant, plays a vital role in ensuring the financial health of our business.
In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring the UK with her loved ones.

Daily Driver: Vauxhall Corsa Turbo

Dream Car: Any Ferrari

Marketing & Social Media

Theo Content Production Specialist - Riviera Automotive


Content Production Specialist

Theo, our accomplished Content Production Specialist, spearheads the creation of all digital assets that power Riviera’s engaging social media presence. His expertise ensures a consistent and captivating brand narrative is delivered across all platforms.

When Theo steps away from the creative spark, he prioritises quality time with his family, enjoying culinary adventures and fostering the bond with his beloved canine companion through training.

Daily Driver: VW Golf

Dream Car: Lamborghini Aventador


Kelsey Photographer - Riviera Automotive


In House Photographer

Kelsey, our in-house photographer, possesses a keen eye for capturing the essence and detail of every Riviera vehicle. His talents ensure our online presence showcases the stunning beauty of our cars, accurately reflecting their true appeal.

Beyond the studio, Kelsey is a passionate traveller and music enthusiast. In his free time, he enjoys combining his love for cars and photography, capturing the world around him through a unique automotive lens.

Daily Driver: VW Polo

Dream Car: 911 Turbo S

Service Centre

Chris Production Manager - Riviera Automotive


Production Manager

Chris has been passionate about cars since leaving school, and his career has spanned from apprentice technician to sales professional. His expertise in this niche market is unmatched.
In his downtime, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and footballing son.

Daily Driver: Range Rover

Dream Car: Mclaren P1

Joe Vehicle Technician - Riviera Automotive


Vehicle Technician

Joe, our skilled Vehicle Technician, is dedicated to ensuring every Riviera car operates at peak performance and delivers a safe driving experience for our customers. His passion for automobiles extends beyond the shop floor, as he enjoys working on his own car in his free time.

Daily Driver: VW Golf

Dream Car: Audi RS3

Patrick Vehicle Technician - Riviera Automotive


Vehicle Technician

Patrick, a technician with a deep passion for automotive technology, excels at utilising advanced car mapping software. He leverages his expertise to optimise vehicle performance and efficiency for our customers. This focus on innovation ensures every Riviera car runs at its absolute best.

Daily Driver: VW Golf

Dream Car: Koenigsegg Jesko

Vehicle Detailing

Mark Senior Cleaning Technician - Riviera Automotive


Senior Cleaning Technician

Mark, our Senior Cleaning Technician, possesses an unmatched eye for detail. His meticulous work ensures every Riviera vehicle gleams with a showroom-ready shine.

Beyond his dedication to automotive artistry, Mark prioritises quality time with his son and fostering strong friendships.

Daily Driver: VW Polo

Dream Car: Lamborghini Huracan

Michael Paint Technician1 - Riviera Automotive


Paint Technician

Michael, a highly experienced and renowned painter with decades of experience, is one of the best in the business. His excellent work is well-known in the trade, which is why he is an asset to the Riviera Automotive team.

In his free time, Michael enjoys watching all sports, especially football.

Daily Driver: Vauxhall Astra

Dream Car: Lamborghini Urus

Harvey Detailer1 - Riviera Automotive



Harvey, a passionate and experienced automotive detailer, joined Riviera Automotive immediately after graduating from high school. Although young, he has a deep understanding of the craft and is driven to make our clients’ cars look their best.

Daily Driver: Surron E Bike

Dream Car: Audi RS6

Ben Cleaning Technician - Riviera Automotive


Cleaning Technician

Ben is our newest addition to the Riviera car cleaning team! Ben brings a passion for detail and a commitment to excellence to every vehicle he transforms.

When he’s not creating showroom shines, you might find Ben cheering on his beloved Leeds United with friends.

Dream Car: Audi RS6


Faty Driver1 - Riviera Automotive



Arthur is a reliable and trusted member of the Riviera delivery team. He is known for his friendly and efficient service, as well as his careful handling of customer vehicles.
In his spare time, Arthur enjoys spending time with his family.

Daily Driver: VW Golf

Dream Car: Nova GSI